Environmental Analysis





Match the description with the proper word and mark it on your answer sheet:


            A. The physical environment                         B.  The social environment

            C.  The cultural environment                         D.  The spiritual environment


1.  This refers to the people who live in any physical environment.


2.  This refers to the accepted patterns of life and behavior within a group of people


3.  This refers to things affecting the spirit of man.


4. This includes the visible material things which surround you.


Match the description with the proper word and mark it on your answer sheet:


A.  A nation    B.  A region                C. An area                  D.  A people group


5.  This is made up of several nations in a specific part of the world.


6.  This is a specific geographic area within a nation.


7.  This is all the land and people joined together by political boundaries living under similar government.


8.  Those who speak the same language and share the same culture.


Multiple Choice:  Select the correct answer and mark it on your answer sheet:


9.  The original environment of man on the earth was:


            A.  Stressful                                                                  B.  Sinful

            C.  Perfect                                                                    D.  Flawed      





10.  As discussed in this course, the "environment" is:


            A.  The physical, social, cultural                                    B.  A political issue

            and spiritual factors which surround

            a person


            C.  Not clearly defined                                      D.  Not relevant to ministry


11.  The present world environment is:


A.  Getting better and better                                          B.  Perfect

            C.  Evil                                                             D.  None of these


12.  The change from the first environment to the present environment of the world was caused by:


            A.  God                                                                        B.  War

            C.  Sin                                                                          D.  Angels


13.  The present environment affects man spiritually through:


            A.  The world                                                   B. The flesh

            C.  The devil                                                                 D.  All of these 


14.  As discussed in this course, "environmental analysis" is:


            A.  Not really scriptural                                     B.  A study of the environment

                                                                                                and how to preserve it


            C.  The detailed study of an                              D.  None of these 

            environment for purposes of ministry


15.  To gather information for an analysis you should:


            A.  Pray                                                                       B.  Study written materials

            C.  Interview and observe                                             D.  All of these








16.  Environmental analysis is important because:


            A.  It relates the Gospel to the                           B.  It affects every person


            C.  It identifies spiritually fertile ground              D.  All of these


17.  Personal environmental analysis is important because:


            A. It helps evaluate your spiritual condition        B.  It identifies your weaknesses

            C.  It identifies your strengths                            D.  All of these


18.  Environmental analysis tells us:


            A.  What people are like                                               B.  Who should reach them

            C.  How they should be reached                                   D.  All of these


19.  The main purpose for doing an environmental analysis is:


            A.  So you will have facts on hand                     B.  To develop good research


            C.  To enable you to better reach people with   D.  None of these

            the Gospel


20.  A statement of purpose is:


A.  A written statement of doctrine                    B.  Goals

C.  A statement as to why an                                        D.  Not important to ministry

            organization exists


21.  Objectives are:


A.  A written statement of doctrine                                B.  Not really important in


C.  Goals                                                                      D.  The same as a statement of



22.  Jesus used the following natural examples to illustrate how a believer is to affect his environment:


            A.  As light and salt                                                       B.  As religious and political


            C.  As birds and lilies of the field                                   D.  All of these




23.  A good strategy for planning includes:


            A.  Preparation and planning                             B.  Perfecting and


            C.  Determining your purpose                           D.  All of these


True Or False?  Mark your answer under either T or F on the answer sheet:


24.  All men are affected by the environment in which they live.


25.  God's plan for saving men from this sinful environment is through education and religion.


26.  God's plan for saving men from this sinful environment is through Jesus Christ.


27.  The environment does not really relate to the mission of the Church.


28.  You should listen carefully to negative reports regarding an environment and base your decision upon them.


29.  You should not analyze an environment with natural reasoning only.


30.  You should focus on "if" it is God's will to reach an environment with the Gospel, not "how" to do it.


31.  There is a Biblical basis for environmental analysis in the Old Testament.


32.  There is no Biblical basis for environmental analysis in the New Testament.


33.  Personal environmental analysis is not important.


34.  Personal environmental analysis can help you identify your spiritual gifts.


35.  Doing the environmental analysis is the most important.  Applying what you learn is not really important.


36.  You cannot really apply environmental analysis to a Christian organization.

Personal True Or False:  Mark the following personal responses either true or false:

37. I completed reading the text for this course..

38. I completed the self-tests at the end of each chapter.

39.  I did a personal analysis as part of this course.