Module:    1

Course:    Foundations of Faith




Multiple choice:  Select the correct answer and mark it on your answer sheet:


1.  The key passage listing the foundations of the Christian faith is:

            A.  Hebrews 6:1-3                                                     

            B.  John 1:8-9

            C.  Acts 19:1-5                                                          

            D.  Galatians 6:1-3


2.  A basic principle on which a good spiritual foundations rests is:

            A.  Redeemed men                                                     

            B.  Redeemed living

            C.  Neither of these                                                     

            D.  Both of these


3.  To build a proper spiritual foundation you should:

            A.  Build on the rock Christ Jesus                               

            B.  Build on God's Word

            C.  Build on righteousness                                           

            D.  All of these


4.  The spiritual foundation laid by God is:

            A.  A religion                                                   

            B.  The Catholic church

            C.  Jesus Christ                                              

            D.  The Protestant church


5.  Sin may be defined as:

            A.  Evil                                                           

            B.  Transgression of the law

            C.  Wickedness                                              

            D.  All of these


6.  Sin originated:

            A.  Through Lucifer                                           

            B.  Through man

            C.  When God created it                                   

            D.  All of these


7.  Two people in the Bible whose repentance was ineffective were:

            A.  Esau and Judas                                        

            B.  Cain and Abel

            C.  David and Jonathan                                    

            D.  Thomas and Peter


8.  To build a good foundation you must:

            A.  Come to God                                              

            B.  Hear God's Word 

            C.  Do God's Word                                         

              D.  All of these


9.  Men repent because of:

            A.  Christ's call                                                

            B.  The goodness of God

            C.  The preaching of God's Word                       

            D.  All of these


10.  Repentance from dead works means:

            A.  A change of mind which results in a change of action             

            B.  Doing penance

            C.  Emotion                                                                             

            D.  All of these


11.  "Dead works" means:    

            A.  Things done by the dead                             

            B.  Historic events

            C.  The actions of a life lived apart from God       

            D.  All of these


12.  Conversion means:

            A.  Baptism in water                                          

            B.  The same as confirmation

            C.  To turn from the wrong way to the right way    

            D.  Baptism in the Holy Spirit


13.  The Bible associates this with repentance:

            A.  Faith                                                         

            B.  Baptism in water

            C.  Conversion                                                

            D.  All of these


14.  Justification means:

            A.  Right standing before God                          

            B.  Doing penance

            C.  Being sorry for your sin                              

            D.  All of these


15.  To be "saved" means:

            A.  Being confirmed                                        

            B.  Being freed from sin and its penalties

            C.  The same as baptism in water                   

            D.  Baptism in the Holy Spirit


16.  Faith toward God refers to:

            A.  A good conscience                                   

            B.  Confirmation

            C.  Your attitude towards God                         

            D.  None of these


17.  "To baptize" means:

            A.  To immerse                                               

            B.  To sprinkle

            C.  To confirm                                                 

            D.  All of these


18.  Which of the following is important for Christian baptism:

             A.  Instruction                                               

             B.  A good conscience towards God

             C.  Repentance                                               

             D.  All of these


19.  In the New Testament, believing sinners were baptized in water:

            A.  Immediately                                              

            B.  A few months later

            C.  After completing a new believers class        

            D.  Upon approval of the pastor


20.  The Bible  reference  which proves there is a difference between the baptism of John and Christian baptism is:

            A.  John 3:16                                                 

            B.  Acts 19:1-5

            C.  I John 1:8-9                                              

            D.  Romans 3:23


21.  Baptism of babies in water is:

            A.  Important                                                 

            B.  Scriptural

            C.  Not prescribed in Scripture                        

            D.  None of these


22.  An important purpose of the Holy Spirit is:

            A.  Guidance                                                 

            B.  Conviction

            C.  Sanctification                                           

            D.  All of these


23.  The outward physical sign of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is:

            A.  Power                                                    

            B.  Love

            C.  Tongues                                                  

            D.  Interpretation


24.  The true evidence of the baptism of the  Holy Spirit is:

            A.  Miracles                                                  

            B.  Power to be an effective witness

            C.  Tongues                                                 

            D.  Interpretation


25.  The "fruit" of the Holy Spirit means:

            A.  The promises of God                          

            B.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit

            C.  The nature of the Holy Spirit evident     

            D.  The guidance of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer 


26.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to:

            A.  All sinners                                               

            B.  The early Church only

            C.  All believers                                             

            D.  Ministers only


27.  Laying on of hands is used for:

            A.  Transferring spiritual authority                    

            B.  Public confirmation of blessing from God

            C.  Commitment to God for a special ministry   

            D.  All of these


28.  According to the Bible, the laying on of hands may be practiced by:

            A.  All true believers                                       

            B.  The apostles only

            C.  Ministers only                                           

            D.  The 12 disciples only


29.  "Resurrection" means:

            A.  Raising                                                    

            B.  To rise up

            C.  Raised from the dead                                

            D.  All of these


30.  What outward act signifies the spiritual resurrection of the believer?

            A.  Baptism in water                                        

            B.  Baptism in the Holy Spirit

            C.  Good works                                               

            D.  Paying tithes


31.  To judge" means to:

            A.  Decide the penalty for sin                          

            B.  Make a difference between

            C.  Determine guilt or innocence                      

            D.  All of these


32.  At the time of eternal judgment, judgment will be done by:

            A.  God                                                          

            B.  Jesus

            C.  The saints                                                 

            D.  All of these


33.  The principles that will govern judgment at the eternal judgment are:

            A.  God's Word                                               

            B.  Truth

            C.  Personal knowledge                                   

            D.  All of these


34.  "Perfection" means:

            A.  Complete                                                  

            B.  Finished

            C.  Mature                                                      

            D.  All of these


35.  The example of perfection for believers is:

            A.  Jesus                                                       

            B.  The Church

            C.  Your pastor                                               

            D.  All of these


36.  Initial perfection means:

            A.  Forgiveness at the time of repentance         

            B.  Continuing sanctification

            C.  God forgave Adam and Eve                        

            D.  You will never again sin


37.  Progressive perfection means:

            A.  Forgiveness at the time of repentance         

            B.  Continuing sanctification

            C.  God forgave Adam and Eve                        

            D.  You will never again sin


38.  Which of the following factors are involved in the perfection process?

            A.  The Word of God                                     

            B.  Prayer

            C.  Consecration                                           

            D.  All of these


39.  A Scripture which explains the purpose of the Holy Spirit in the life of a sinner is:

            A.  Titus 3:5                                                 

            B.  Acts 2:4

            C.  John 3:3-7                                                

            D.  All of these


40.  In order to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit you should:

            A.  Join the charismatic movement                  

            B.  Become a church member

            C.  Be born again                                           

            D.  Leave the church if they do not speak in tongues


41.  Which of the following references reveals what happened when people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost?

            A.  Acts 2:2-4                                                

            B.  Acts 19:6

            C.  Acts 10:44-46                                           

            D.  All of these


42.  Faith is:

            A.  The same as hope                                    

            B.  The evidence of things not seen

            C.  Wishing for something                               

            D.  The same as presumption


43.  The purposes for the gifts of the Holy Spirit:

            A.  Can never be fulfilled but we should keep trying         

            B.  Are not realistic

            C.  Are not revealed in God's Word                                

            D.  Are clearly revealed in God's Word


44.  The physical sign of speaking in tongues was evident when believers were baptized in the Holy Spirit:

            A.  On the day of Pentecost                            

            B.  At Ephesus

            C.  In the house of Cornelius                            

            D.  All of these


45.  Which of the following is a fruit of the Holy Spirit?

            A.  Love                                                         

            B.  Joy

            C.  Peace                                                      

            D.  All of these


46.  Transference of spirits was evident in the Old Testament in:

            A.  The story of Moses and Joshua                  

            B.  Joseph and his sons

            C.  The ordination of the Levites                       

            D.  All of these


47.  An evidence of the spiritual resurrection of believers is:

            A.  Death to sin                                             

            B.  A new master

            C.  New life purpose                                       

            D.  All of these


48.  The new bodies of believers after resurrection will be:

            A.  Glorious                                                 

            B.  Immortal

            C.  Like that of Jesus                                     

            D.  All of these


49.  Consecration means:

            A.  To be set apart                                                      

            B. To conform to the standards of God's Word

            C.  To refuse to conform to the standards of the world    

            D.  All of these


50.  The difference between spiritual gifts and natural talents is:

            A.  Talents are supernatural                              

            B.  Spiritual gifts are supernatural abilities

            C.  Spiritual gifts are inherited                           

            D.  There is no difference


51.  A purpose of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is to:

            A.  Perfect the saints                                       

            B.  Edify Christ and the Church

            C.  Promote ministry                                        

            D.  All of these


52.  An objective of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is to:

            A.  Mature you spiritually                                 

            B.  Show others you are spiritual

            C.  Speak in tongues                                       

            D.  Cause division


53.  The fruit of the Holy Spirit is described in:

            A.  Galatians 5:22-23                                      

            B.  Galatians 5:1-3

            C.  Romans 12:1-8                                         

            D.  I Peter 4:7-11



Matching:  Match each type of baptism with the proper definition:


54.  Baptism of John                                       A.  Prepared Israel for the Messiah

55.  Christian baptism                                     B.  Power to witness is the evidence

56.  Baptism of the Holy Spirit                       C.  Symbol of Christ's death

57.  Baptism of suffering                                 D.  Outward symbol of inner repentance



Matching:  Match each type of faith with the proper definition:


58.  Natural faith                       A.  Enables the believer to live a holy life after conversion

59.  Saving faith                        B.  Trust in things which have proven stable

60.  Sanctifying faith                 C.  Used in spiritual warfare

61.  Defensive faith                   D.  Your personal response to the Gospel



Matching:  Match each resurrection with the proper timing:


62.  Past                                 A.  Resurrection of those who are physically dead

63.  Present                            B.  Spiritual resurrection of believers in Jesus Christ

64.  Future                              C.  Resurrection of Jesus from the dead



True or False:  Mark your answer under either T or F on the answer sheet:


65.  Abraham is not really a very good example of faith.

66.  If you build your life on Jesus you will still experience "storms" or problems of life.

67.  Faith can be defined as mind over matter.

68.  Faith does not differ from hope.

69.  Faith cannot be increased.  You must be content with the faith you now have.

70.  Christians never need to repent after they are born again.

71.  All have sinned and come short of God's glory.

72.  If you were only baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ  you  should

be baptized again in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

73.  The Biblical word "baptize" means to immerse rather than sprinkle with water.

74.  You should understand the meaning of baptism before being baptized.

75.  Not all of the  gifts of the Holy Spirit are for us today.  Some of them  were  only  for  the early Church.

76.  Laying on of hands should never be used in prayer for healing.

77.  Laying on of hands was not to continue after Jesus returned to Heaven.

78.  If there is no powerful feeling experienced when laying on hands it is not effective.

79.  Laying on of hands can be used to commission Christian workers.

80.  The Bible teaches that anyone is qualified to lay hands on others.

81.  Laying on of hands is the only way for a person to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

82.  Spiritual gifts can be imparted by the laying on of hands.

83.  Laying on of hands should not be used with infants because they do not understand it.

84.  The Old Testament did not foretell the resurrection of Jesus.

85.  Jesus did not really rise from the dead.

86.  Christ's body after His resurrection was not subject to former human limitations.

87.  Those who do not die will not be resurrected.

88.  At death there is a separation between spirits of the righteous and the wicked.

89.  It is important to pray for the dead to be saved.

90.  The destiny of the righteous is different now than before the resurrection of Jesus.

91.  The resurrection of Jesus is important but it is not really part of the Gospel message.

92.  There is judgment going on at all times.

93.  There is a judgment reserved for a special time in the future.

94.  The Bible does not tell where future judgment will occur.

95.  Spiritual maturity depends on the length of time one has been a Christian.

96.  Progressive sanctification does not mean salvation was incomplete.

97. Engaging in many "Christian" activities will help you mature spiritually.

98.  Perfection comes through an increase in and application of spiritual knowledge.



Personal True Or False: Mark the following personal responses either true or false:


99.   I completed reading the text for this course..

100.  I completed the self-tests at the end of each chapter.