MULTIPLE CHOICE:  Select the correct answer and mark it on your answer sheet:


1.         Which of the following might hinder your prayer time?

                        A.        Distractions.

                        B.         Tiredness.

                        C.        Lack of desire.

                        D.        All of these.


2.         Which of the following is not considered a form of prayer?

                        A         Calling upon the name of the Lord.

                        B.         Calling unto God.                                             

                        C.        Pouring out the heart.

                        D.        They are all considered a form of prayer.


3.         Prayer is answered:

                        A.        Immediately at times.

                        B.         Delayed at times.

                        C.        Sometimes differently from our desires.

                        D.        All of these


4.         Which of the following is a biblically defined level of prayer?

                        A.        Asking.

                        B.         Seeking.

                        C.        Knocking.

                        D.        All of these.


5.         Which of the following is an important part of prayer?

                        A.        Worship.

                        B.         Confession.

                        C.        Petition.

                        D.        All of these.






6.         Intercession is:

                        A.        Prayer for others.

                        B.         Prayer for your daily bread.

                        C.        Prayer for yourself.

                        D.        Prayer for forgiveness.


7.         An intercessor is:

                        A.        A preacher.

                        B.         One who takes the place of another or pleads another's case. 

                        C.        A missionary.

                        D.        All of the above.


8.         The Word of God declares that we are:

                        A.        A holy priesthood.

                        B.         A royal priesthood.

                        C.        A kingdom of priests.

                        D.        All of these.


9.         The priest's responsibility is to stand:

                        A.        Before God to minister to Him.

                        B.         Between sinful man and righteous God.

                        C.        Both of these.

                        D.        Neither of these.


10.       Which of the following are tools for intercession?

                        A.        Power and authority.

                        B.         Binding and losing.

                        C.        The name of Jesus.

                        D.        All of these.


11.       The authority upon which we intercede is:

                        A.        Our righteousness.

                        B.         The name of Jesus.

                        C.        Our testimony.

                        D.        The good works we have done.


12.       We access God's presence by:

                        A.        Sacred rituals.

                        B.         Being a member of a church.

                        C.        The blood of Jesus Christ.

                        D.        Our righteousness.



13.       Who made the first blood sacrifice?

                        A.        God.

                        B.         Adam.

                        C.        Abel.

                        D.        Abraham.


14.       When you do not eat or drink at all you are on a:

                        A.        Partial fast.

                        B.         Total fast.

                        C.        Both of these.

                        D.        Neither of these.


15.       A partial fast is when:

                        A.        You do not eat anything.

                        B.         You eat a restricted diet.

                        C.        Both of these.

                        D.        Neither of these.


16.       God's chosen fast is one:

                        A.        Where you humble yourself before God.

                        B.         To loose the bonds of wickedness.

                        C.        Which undoes heavy burdens.

                        D.        All of these.


17.       A result of fasting is:

                        A.        Illumination.

                        B.         Direction.

                        C.        Provision.

                        D.        All of these.


18.       Which of the following does the Bible direct us to pray for?

                        A.        The peace of Jerusalem.

                        B.         Laborers in the harvest.

                        C.        All the saints.

                        D.        All of these.


19.       God answers prayer according to:

                        A.        Your will.

                        B.         His will.

                        C.        How much you pray.

                        D.        How often you ask.



20.       Spiritual mapping is:

                        A.        Done to identify the enemy's plans, strategies, and plots for a

geographical area.

                        B.         Done to help you learn your way around town.

                        C.        Not scriptural.

                        D.        A waste of time.


21.       Which of the following is a hindrance to effective intercession?

                        A.        Sin of any kind.

                        B.         An unforgiving spirit.

                        C.        Wrong treatment of marriage partner.

                        D.        All of these.


22.       The model prayer is found in:

                        A.        Matthew 6:9-13.

                        B.         Luke 11:2-4.

                        C.        Both of these.

                        D.        Neither of these.


23.       Amen means:

                        A.        Iím done praying.

                        B.         Over and out.

                        C.        We have prayed all our petitions in the name of Jesus.

                        D.        None of these.


24.       Revival is:

                        A.        Spiritual emotion.

                        B.         Good preaching.

                        C.        A sovereign work of God.

                        D.        A campaign for new members.


25.       Revival is described as:

                        A.        An awakening, revitalizing, and restoring of God's people.

                        B.         A return to consciousness or life.

                        C.        Times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord.

                        D.        All of these.







26.       An evidence of a backslidden condition is:

                        A.        When you can indulge in sin without protest by your conscience.

                        B.         When the acquisition of money and goods becomes dominant in

your thinking.

                        C.        When "worship" becomes a weariness.

                        D.        All of these.


27.       Most Old Testament revivals were preceded by:

                        A.        A time of prosperity.

                        B.         A time of deep spiritual decline and despair.

                        C.        Neither A or B.

                        D.        Both A and B.


28.       Which of the following might hinder revival:

                        A.        Leaders.

                        B.         Members of the congregation.

                        C.        Neither of these.

                        D.        Both of these.


29.       Godís revival plan is found in:

                        A.        John 3:16.

                        B.         Matthew 3:20.

                        C.        II Chronicles 7:14.

                        D.        John 1:1.


30.       Seeking the Lord involves:

                        A.        Voluntarily and wholeheartedly turning to God.

                        B.         A decision to turn away from all evil.

                        C.        Both of these.

                        D.        Neither of these.


31.       To prepare for revival you should:

                        A.        Humble yourself.

                        B.         Pray.

                        C.        Turn from your wicked ways.

                        D.        All of these.


32.       International intercession is:

                        A.        Praying for yourself.

                        B.         Praying for your family.

                        C.        Praying for other nations.         

                        D.        Thanking God for your blessings.


MATCHING:   Match the following pieces of spiritual armor with the correct meaning:


33.       Girdle of ________.

                        A.        Righteousness.

                        B.         Truth.

                        C.        Salvation.

                        D.        The preparation of the gospel of peace.


34.       Breastplate of_____.

                        A.        Righteousness.

                        B.         Truth.

                        C.        Salvation.

            D.        The preparation of the gospel of peace.


35.       Feet shod with________

                        A.        Righteousness.

                        B.         Truth.

                        C.        Salvation.

            D.        The preparation of the gospel of peace.


36.       Helmet of__________.

                        A.        Righteousness.

                        B.         Truth.

                        C.        Salvation.

                        D.        Faith.


37.       The shield of________.

                        A.        Faith.

                        B.         Spirit.

                        C.        Salvation.

            D.        The preparation of the gospel of peace.


38.       Sword of the_________.

                        A.        Faith.

                        B.         Spirit.

                        C.        Salvation.

                        D.        The preparation of the gospel of peace.


TRUE OR FALSE: Mark your answer as either true or false on the answer sheet.


39.       Prayer involves listening to God as well as talking to Him.

40.       There is no one approved posture for prayer.

41.       Two praying together is the smallest unit of corporate prayer. 

42.       Our greatest model of intercessory prayer is Jesus.

43.       The Biblical basis for the New Testament believer's ministry of intercessory prayer is our calling as priests unto God.

44.       Intercession is never done in an unknown tongue.

45.       Intercession in the Spirit is the deepest level of intercession.

46.       There is no difference between authority and power. 

47.       Satan has limited power, but he has no authority.

48.       Jesus did not give believers the power to bind and loose because it is too dangerous.

49.       Dead works can include worship, tithing, and deeds of kindness.

50.       Lack of time is an acceptable excuse for not praying.

51.       Fasting is the same thing as going on a diet.

52.       The model prayer is an outline of prayer for us to follow.

53.       The Father knows what you need even before you ask, so there is no reason to pray.

54.       Fasting changes God.

55.       Fasting changes you.

56.       Quality rather than quantity of prayer is stressed in Godís Word.

57.       Empty repetition is forbidden, but earnest repetition is not.

58.       The model prayer should be prayed word for word as it is--that is its purpose.

59.       There are times when you should act instead of praying.

60.       The "boulema" will of God does not require the cooperation of man.

61.       The "boulema" will of God is written in His Word.

62.       The  "thelema" will of God refers to His individual plan or will for each man and woman.

63.       In order for God to fulfill His "thelema" will, it requires man's cooperation.

64.       Since revival is a sovereign move of God, there is really no way you can prepare for it.


Personal True Or False?  Mark the following personal responses either true or false:

65.       I read all the chapters in the manual.

66.       I completed all of the self-tests in the manual.

67.       I have started a personal prayer manual.