Methodologies Of Multiplication




Multiple Choice:  Select the correct answer and mark it on your answer sheet:


1.  The first and last commandments of Jesus to His followers was:


            A.  To multiply spiritually                                                           B.  To care for the poor

            C.  To build a church at Jerusalem                                             D.  To live right


2.  Multiplication is:


            A.  The same as adding                                                 B.  To decrease in number

            C.  To increase by reproduction                                                D.  To unite existing



3.  You reproduce spiritually by:


            A.  Inviting people to church                                         B.  Reaching others with

                                                                                                            the Gospel


            C.  Having children                                                                   D.  All of these


4.  "Method" means:


            A.  An idea                                                                               B.  A vision


            C.  A system of methods                                                           D.  A plan for

accomplishing a goal


5.  "Methodologies" means;


            A.  An idea                                                                               B.  A vision

            C.  A system of methods                                                           D.  None of these








6.  A wrong emphasis on numeric growth is revealed when:


            A.  There is an emphasis on church                               B.  The emphasis shifts

            growth instead of kingdom growth                                 from people to things


            C.  The individual is ignored                                          D.  All of these


7.  A "parable" is:


            A.  A true story                                                            B.  A natural story which

                                                                                                illustrates a spiritual truth


            C.  An interesting story but without                    D.  All of these

            spiritual application


8.  Jesus used parables to teach His followers because:


            A.  He wanted to keep His teaching secret        B.  It was the custom


            C.  Spiritual truths can only be grasped              D.  They were not very

            with spiritual minds                                            intelligent


9.  A "witness" is:


            A.  One who tells what he saw                          B.  One who tells what he heard

            C.  One who tells what he experienced              D.  All of these


10.  The term "laity" means:


            A.  Pastors only                                                            B.  Evangelists only

            C.  All the people of God                                              D.  Professional ministers


11.  The term "clergy" means:


            A.  Pastors only                                                            B.  Evangelists only

            C.  All the people of God                                              D.  Professional ministers


12.  The "calling" of the laity means:


            A.  All believers are to actively                          B.  Many are called but

            share the Gospel                                                           few are chosen


            C.  Both of these                                                          D. Neither of these

13.  God's plan of  multiplication for the spread of the Gospel is:


            A.  II Timothy 2:2                                                                     B.  Acts 1:8

            C.  Both of these                                                                      D.  Neither of these


14.  What two New Testament  men were named as examples of spiritual



            A.  Andrew and Ananias                                                           B.  Judas and Thomas

            C.  Nicodemus and Joseph                                                       D.  Pilate and Herod


15.  The best way to get started in spiritual multiplication is to:


            A.  Read about it                                                                      B.  Talk about it


            C.  Start with a mass crusade                                        D.  Start with your own

family and friends


16.  The true Church is composed of:


            A.  All true believers in Jesus                                         B.  Catholics only        

            C.  Protestants only                                                                  D. Those who join a

denominational church


17.  The Church started:


            A.  In the Old Testament                                                           B.  In the New Testament

            C.  Both of these                                                                      D.  Neither of these


18.  The Bible illustrates the Church by using the example of:


            A.  The body                                                                            B.  A bride

            C.  A temple                                                                             D.  All of these


19.  An important purpose of the Church is:


            A.  Worship                                                                             B.  Fellowship

            C.  Service                                                                               D.  All of these






20.  An evidence of spiritual growth in a church is:


            A.  Unity                                                                                  B.  Its size

            C.  Its facilities                                                              D.  Its programs


21.  An important condition for spiritual growth in a church is:


            A.  Life                                                                         B.  Programs

C.  Schedules                                                                           D.  Denominational                  



22.  When a church experiences true expansion growth it:


            A.  Gains members from another church                                    B.  Wins new converts

                                                                                                            to  Jesus Christ


            C.  Both of these                                                                      D.  Neither of these


23.  Extension growth occurs when:


            A.  There is a church split                                                          B.  An existing church

starts    a new church


            C.  New members come from another                           D.  All of these

            existing church


24.  "Church planting" is:


            A.  Helping an existing church                                       B.  Starting a new church

            C.  Unscriptural                                                                        D.  Ineffective


25.  A new church might be started by:


            A.  One church starting another church                          B.  An individual starting          

                                                                                    another church


            C.  A large church dividing                                            D.  All of these






26.  Which of the following are Biblical priorities for selecting an area in which to start a new church:


            A.  Unreached people                                                   B.  Cities first

            C.  Responsive people                                                  D.  All of these


27.  The type of message that results in new churches is:


            A.  A social message                                                    B.  An intellectual message

            C.  A Biblically based message                                     D.  All of these


28.  "Bridging growth" of the church occurs when:


A.  One church plants another in a                                             B.  A church plants a new        

different culture                                                                         church in their own



            C.  An existing church splits                                          D.  None of these


29.  The key New Testament leader in "bridging growth" of the church to the Gentile nations was:


            A.  Thomas                                                                              B.  The Apostle Paul

            C.  Stephen                                                                              D.  John the Baptist 


30.  Paul extended the Gospel to other cultures by:


A.  Preaching                                                                            B.  Witnessing

            C.  Teaching                                                                             D.  All of these


31.  The word "convert" means:


            A.  A new believer                                                                    B.  A Jew

            C.  A Gentile                                                                            D.  Changing religions


32.  A "people group" may be similar in:


            A.  Culture                                                                               B.  Ethnic background

            C.  Language                                                                            D.  All of these





33.  "Disciple" means:


            A.  The same as "convert"                                                         B.  A true Catholic

            C.  A learner or pupil                                                    D.  All of these


34.  The true test of discipleship is:


            A.  How many disciples you have                                              B.  Who the leader is


            C.  The time you spend training each disciple                 D.  What happens to your        

students when you are no         

longer present with them


35.  "Stunted" growth means:


            A.  Lack of proper development                                               B.  Internal growth


            C.  The same as bridging growth                                               D.  The same as extension        



36.  Paul taught the believers in Ephesus most effectively through:


            A.  Mass crusades                                                                    B.  A training center


            C.  House to house evangelism                                      D.  Person to person



37.  The training center at Ephesus was:


            A.  For Jews only                                                                     B.  A lengthy course for           



            C.  For clergy only                                                                    D.  A brief course for   



38.  The main purpose of an extension training center is to:


            A.  Hold regular services                                                           B.  Substitute for the


            C.  Train believers to minister effectively                                    D.  Preach to the unsaved





Matching:  Match the type of growth with the correct definition:


39.  Geographic                                                A.  Growth in numbers

40.  Numeric                                                    B.  Reaching other nations

41.  Ethnic                                                        C.  Internal growth

42.  Spiritual                                                     D.  Reaching other people groups



Matching:  Match each type of church growth with the proper definition:


43.  Internal                                                      A.  Planting another church

44.  Expansion                                      B.  A church grows in numbers

45.  Extension                                       C.  Planting a church in another culture

46.  Bridging                                                     D.  Spiritual growth


Matching:  Match each discipleship principle with the proper definition:


47.  Delegation                                     A.  Without it, people perish

48.  Association                                                B.  Giving responsibilities to others

49.  Consecration                                             C.  Being together

50.  Vision                                                        D.  Absolute obedience


Matching:  Match each discipleship principle with the proper definition:


51.  Instruction                                     A.  Illustrating

52.  Demonstration                                           B.  Follow up

53.  Participation                                              C.  Teaching

54.  Supervision                                                D.  Actual experience


Matching:  Select the best solution for each problem and mark it on your answer sheet:


            A.  Follow directions of Matthew 18:15-17.

            B.  Train converts to become disciples.

            C.  Change from a "come" to a "go" policy of outreach.


55.  Two women in the church are not speaking to each other.  Sister A said something which offended Sister B.   What is the remedy?


56.  Every night of the week is filled with church activities, but very few new converts are being won to the Lord.  What is the remedy?


57.  Some new converts attend the church awhile, then go back to their old sinful life style.  Others remain in the church, but are still spiritual babies.  What is the remedy?


True Or False?  Mark your answer under either T or F on the answer sheet:


58.  Concern with numbers is not Scriptural.


59.  If a church is not growing, they are not spiritual.


60.  Jesus was not concerned with the multiplication of believers.


61.  The Holy Spirit has no affect on your internal spiritual growth.


62.  Bridging growth is not Scriptural.


63.  A good fisherman, in the natural world as well as the spiritual, always use the same method to catch fish.


64.  God is concerned with multitudes as well as individuals.


65.  It does not matter to God if you reap or not.  Just keep sowing the Word.


66.  Spiritual multiplication is to be done only by the clergy.


67.  An extension center such as Paul tried at Ephesus is really not very effective in spreading the Gospel.


Personal True Or False:  Mark the following personal responses either true or false:


68.  I completed reading the text for this course..


69.  I completed the self-tests at the end of each chapter.