Module:    1

Course:    New Testament Survey




Multiple Choice:  Select the correct answer and mark it on your answer sheet:


1.  Most New Testament events occurred in:

            A.  Judea, Galilee, Samaria                                         B.  Persia, Babylon

            C.  Iran, Iraq                                                               D.  Spain, Lebanon


2.  The total number of books in the New Testament is:

            A.  66                                                                         B.  39

            C.  27                                                                         D.  24


3.  New Testament books are divided into the following categories:

            A.  Gospels, history, epistles, prophecy                        B.  Law, history poetry, prophecy

            C.  Neither of these                                                      D.  Both of these



Matching:  Match each Jewish sect with the correct definition:


4.  Pharisees                                         A.  Did not believe in the resurrection

5.  Sadducees                                       B.  Looked for two messiahs to come

6.  Essences                                         C.  Believed in the resurrection



Matching:  Match each book with the correct author:

            A.  Paul                                               B.  Peter

            C.  John                                              D.  James


7.   Romans

8.   I and II Corinthians

9.   I and II Thessalonians

10.  Galatians

11.  Ephesians

12.  Philippians

13.  Colossians

14.  I and II Timothy

15.  Titus

16.  Philemon

17.  Hebrews

18.  James

19.  I and II Peter

20.  I, II, and III John



Matching:  Match the event in List One to the correct geographical location in List Two:


            List One                                                          List Two


21.  Raising of Lazarus from the dead                             A.  Bethlehem

22.  Birth place of Jesus                                                B.  Bethany

23.  Where John baptized people                                    C.  Samaria

24.  Where Jesus met the woman at the well                   D.  Jordan



Matching:  Match the event in List One to the correct geographical location in List Two:


            List One                                                          List Two


25.  Where Jesus was crucified                                   A.  Island of Patmos

26.  Where John wrote Revelation                                B.  Gethsemane

27.  Jesus ascended to Heaven from here                    C.  Golgotha

28.  Jesus prayed here                                               D.  Mount of Olives



Matching:  Match the books with the correct New Testament division.


            A.  Gospel                                           B.  Prophecy

            C.  History                                           D.  Epistle


29.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

30.  Acts

31.  Romans

32.  I and II Corinthians

33.  I and II Thessalonians

34.  Galatians

35.  Ephesians

36.  Philippians

37.  Colossians

38.  I and II Timothy

39.  Titus

40.  Philemon

41.  Hebrews

42.  James

43.  I and II Peter

44.  I, II,  and III John

45.  Jude

46.  Revelation



Matching:  Match each book with the best description:


            A.  The Gospels                                 B.  Acts 

            C.  Revelation                                    D.  None of these


47.  Record of the early Church.

48.  Vision of future things.

49.  Story of the life and ministry of Jesus.



Matching:  Match each book to the best description:


A.  Philemon                                    B.  Titus

            C. I, II, III John                                  D.  None of these


50.  Orderly church government.

51.  Intercession for a runaway slave.

52.  Emphasizes love and fellowship.



Matching:  Match each book to the best description:


            A.  I and II Timothy               B.  Hebrews  

            C.  James                              D.  I and II Peter


53.  Instructions for a young minister.

54.  Comfort in suffering.

55.  Jesus is the great high priest.

56.  Faith, works, and the tongue.



Matching:  Match each book to the best description:


A.  I and II Thessalonians      B.  Colossians  

            C.  Ephesians                         D.  Galatians


57.  Deals with error of mixing law and faith.

58.  Deals with Gnosticism.

59.  Your heavenly position in Jesus.

60.  Christian living and the return of Jesus.



Matching:  Match each book to the best description:


            A.  Romans                                         B.  I and II Corinthians  

            C.  Philippians                                    D.  Jude


61.  Written to correct problems in the local church.

62.  Stresses salvation by faith.

63.  A warning against false doctrine.

64.  Emphasizes the joy of the Christian experience.



Match each person with the correct description:


65.  I watched Stephen being stoned.                 A.  Luke

66.  I wrote the book of Acts.                             B.  Mary

67.  My husband and I dropped dead.                 C.  Paul

68.  I was the mother of Jesus.                          D.  Saphira



Match each person with the correct description:


69.  I wrote the book of Revelation.                                A.  Philip

70.  I ministered to an unnamed eunuch.                       B.  John the Baptist

71.  I was a forerunner of Christ.                                   C.  John the Apostle

72.  I traveled with Paul in ministry.                               D.  Barnabas



Match each person with the correct description:


73.  I was the first martyr.                                             A.  Mary Magdalene

74.  I was in jail with Paul.                                            B.  Stephen

75.  Jesus cast seven devils out of me.                          C.  Judas

76.  I betrayed Jesus.                                                   D.  Silas



Match each person with the correct description:


77.  I denied Jesus.                                                       A.  Thomas

78.  I would not believe unless I touched Jesus.               B.  Joseph

79.  I tried to kill Jesus at birth.                                      C.  Herod

80.  I was the earthly father of Jesus.                              D.  Peter



Match each person with the correct description:


81.  I was formerly a tax collector.                                 A.  Pilate

82.  I washed my hands of Christ's blood.                      B.  Matthew

83.  I was raised from the dead.                                    C.  Barabbas

84.  I was set free instead of Jesus.                               D.  Lazarus



Match each person with the correct description:


85.  I was the mother of John the Baptist.                      A.  Zacchaeus

86.  I came to Jesus to discuss eternal life.                   B.  Nicodemus

87.  I climbed a tree to see Jesus.                                C.  Elizabeth

88.  I carried the cross for Christ.                                  D.  Simon of Cyrene



True Or False:  Mark your answer under either T or F on the answer sheet:


89.  The New Testament totally did away with Old Testament law.

90.  The New Testament teaches we should still sacrifice animals for sin.

91.  The New Testament fulfills many Old Testament prophecies.

92.  The world will continue to get better and better until the time Jesus returns.

93.  Believers are commissioned with the responsibility of spreading the Gospel to the world.

94.  No man knows the exact day and hour of Christ's return.

95.  The New Testament teaches there are many ways to approach God.

96.  The New Testament teaches that good works are necessary for salvation.

97.  Love for God and others are the greatest New Testament commandments.

98.  There were no actual appearances of Jesus on earth after His resurrection from the dead.



Personal True Or False:  Mark the following personal responses either true or false:


99.   I completed reading the text for this course..

100.  I completed the self-tests at the end of each chapter.