Power Principles




Multiple Choice:  Select the correct answer and mark it on your answer sheet:


1.  The difference between man-made religion and the true demonstration of God's power is:


            A.  Religion is man's attempt                             B.  God's power is His desire

            to know God                                                                to reveal Himself to man.


            C.  Both of these                                                          D.  Neither of these


2.  Worldly power structures include:


            A.  Physical and financial                                               B.  Military

C.  Intellectual and political                               D.  All of these


3.  A Biblical reference which  explains  the  difference between worldly and Biblical power structures is:


            A.  Galatians 5:22-23                                       B.  Matthew 20:25-28

            C.  Romans 12:1-8                                                       D.  All of these


4.  The Biblical definition for power is:


            A.  Spiritual might                                                         B.  Spiritual force

            C.  Spiritual ability                                                        D.  All of these


5.  The Biblical definition of authority is:


            A.  Power to act in your own behalf                  B.  Power to act for another

            C.  Both of these                                                          D.  Neither of these







6. The supernatural force which is the source of spiritual power is:


            A.  God the Father                                                       B.  The Holy Spirit

            C.  Jesus                                                                      D.  All of these


7.  The two parts of every Biblical promise are:


            A.  The good and the bad                                             B.  The true and the false

C.  The promise and the possession                  D.  The verse and its context


8.   In order to possess the promises of God you must:


            A.  Choose to do so                                                     B.  Apply the principles

            C.  Understand the principles                            D.  All of these


9.   Jesus had power over:


            A.  Sin                                                                          B.  Nature

            C.  Death                                                                     D.  All of these 


10.  The "source" of something is:


            A.  Usually unknown                                         B.  Its reason for existing

            C.  Its beginning or origin                                              D.  All of these


11.  The true source of all power is:


            A.  The government                                                      B.  Education

            C.  Politics                                                                    D.  None of these


12.  God reveals His power on earth through:


            A.  Nature                                                                    B.  Jesus

            C.  His Word                                                               D.  All of these


13.  A Scripture reference which explains God's main purpose in revealing His power on earth is:


            A. Matthew 20:25-28                                       B.  Ephesians 1:9-10

            C.  I Peter 4:7-ll                                                           D.  Romans 12:1-8




14.  "Spiritual wickedness in high places" means:


            A.  Wicked spirits have infiltrated                                  B.  Wicked spirits in government

            the religious systems of the world


            C.  Wicked spirits in the air                               D.  Wicked spirits in

mountainous regions


15.  You can overcome the power of the challenging imitator by:


A.  Education                                                               B.  Religion

            C.  The power of God                                      D.  All of these


16.  The limitations of Jesus' power included:


            A.  Nature only                                                 B.  Spiritual only

            C.  Physical only                                                           D.  None of these


17.  The source of Jesus' power and authority was:


            A.  Rabbis                                                                    B.  God

C.  Unknown                                                                D.  Hereditary


18.  The believer receives spiritual authority from:


            A.  The Church                                                 B.  Jesus Christ

            C.  His denomination                                        D.  None of these


19.  The great responsibility Jesus delegated to His followers was:


            A.  To reach the world with the Gospel             B.  To start a church in Jerusalem

C.  To start social programs                                          D.  To wait for His return


20.  "Dunamis" means:


            A.  Inherent power                                                       B.  Delegated power

            C.  Both of these                                                          D.  Neither of these


21.  "Exousia" means:


            A.  Inherent power                                                       B.  Delegated power

            C.  Both of these                                                          D.  Neither of these

22.  Spiritual power differs from worldly power because it is to be used for:


            A.  Personal purposes                                       B.  Advancing the Kingdom of


            C.  Creating denominations                               D.  Creating a good financial base


23.  The word "witness" means:


A.  Verbal testimony                                         B.  Actual evidence

            C.  Neither of these                                                      D.  Both of these


24.  Spiritually, we wrestle against:


            A.  Flesh and blood                                                      B.  Principalities and powers

            C.  Both of these                                                          D.  Neither of these


25.  The basic elements of the Gospel are summarized in:


            A.  Romans 12:1-3                                                       B.  Acts 1:8

            C.  I Corinthians 15:3-4                                                D.  Matthew 20:25-28


26.  The "Gospel" means:


            A.  A message                                                  B.  The good news

            C.  Sound reasoning                                                     D.  The same as the law


27.  The Gospel is powerful because it reveals:


            A.  Judgment                                                                B.  Salvation

            C.  Righteousness                                                         D.  All of these


28.  In order to claim the power of the blood of Jesus you must:


            A.  Have faith in the blood of Jesus                   B. Speak in tongues


            C.  Never have a blood transfusion                   D. Understand how natural

blood   functions


29.  To experience the power of the Gospel you must:


            A.  Admit your sin                                                        B.  Confess your sin

            C.  Believe in Jesus Christ                                             D.  All of these



30.  A Biblical reference which reveals the relation of the Holy Spirit to power is:


            A.  Romans 12:1-3                                                       B.  Acts 1:8

            C.  Ephesians 4:1-6                                                      D.  Matthew 20:25-28


31.  The main purpose of the power of the Holy Spirit is:


            A.  To speak in tongues                                                B.  To confirm your spirituality

            C.  To make you a witness of the Gospel                      D.  To advance your ministry


32.  A Biblical reference which lists the fruit of the Holy Spirit is:


            A.  Galatians 5:22-23                                       B.  Acts 1:8

            C.  Ephesians 4:1-6                                                      D.  Matthew 20:25-28


33.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit are discussed in:


            A.  Romans 12:1-8                                                       B.  I Peter 4:7-11

            C.  Ephesians 4:1-16                                                    D.  All of these


34.  Love is greater than:


            A.  Hope                                                                      B.  Knowledge

            C.  Faith                                                                       D.  All of these


35.  The first great commandment is:


A.  Love God                                                               B.  Love others

            C.  Both of these                                                          D.  Neither of these


36.  The second great commandment is:


A.  Love God                                                               B.  Love others

            C.  Both of these                                                          D.  Neither of these


37.  The world will know we are believers by:


            A.  Our confession                                                        B.  Our love for one another

C.  Our church membership                                          D.  Our denomination's name





38.  Complete this sentence:  "All other principles of spiritual power, all spiritual gifts,

all ministry must operate through the power of __________ or they are useless."


            A.  Love                                                           B.  The Church

C.  Education                                                   D.  Organization


39.  The greatest principle of spiritual power is:


            A.  Speaking in tongues                                                B.  Authority

            C.  Being a leader                                                         D.  The power of love


40.  The word "charity" as used in I Corinthians 13 means:


            A.  Hope                                                                      B.  Faith

            C.  Love                                                                       D.  All of these


41.  The purpose of sacred anointing in the Old Testament was:


            A.  For ceremonial reasons                                           B.  To dedicate things or

                                                                                                persons to God


            C.  For traditional reasons                                             D.  To preserve things for

                                                                                                personal use


42.   A purpose of the anointing of power includes:


            A.  Service                                                                   B.  Instruction

C.  Destroying the yoke of bondage                              D.  All of these


43.  It is important to discover your specific anointing in ministry because:


            A.  Problems result if you don't                         B.  You will be more

                                                                                                effective in service


            C.  Both of these                                                          D.  Neither of these


44.  Your spiritual anointing comes from:


            A.  God                                                                        B.  Water baptism

            C.  Church membership                                                D.  Your pastor




45.  According to the Bible, faith is:


            A.  The evidence of things not seen                   B.  A title deed

            C.  The substance of things hoped for                D.  All of these


46.  Faith can be increased by:


            A.  Reading books about it                                           B.  Coveting it

            C.  Hearing the Word of God                           D.  Positive confession


47.  The greatest name in all of the universe is:


            A.  Jesus Christ                                                            B.  Allah

            C.  Mohammed                                                            D.  The Apostle Paul


48.  Jesus obtain His great name by:


            A.  Birth                                                                       B.  Conferring

            C.  Achievement                                                           D.  All of these


49.  The power to live a holy life is called:


            A.  Sanctification                                                          B.  Devotion

            C.  Desire                                                                     D.  Dedication


50.  Casting out demons is to be done in the name of:


            A.  The Holy Spirit                                                       B.  Your denomination

            C.  Jesus and your church                                             D.  Jesus


51.  Intercession is:


            A.  Praying for others                                        B.  Giving thanks

            C.  Giving honor and devotion                           D.  None of these


52.  Thanksgiving is:


            A.  Praying for others                                        B.  Giving thanks

            C.  Giving honor and devotion                           D.  None of these





53.  Worship is:


            A.  Praying for others                                        B.  Giving thanks

            C.  Giving honor and devotion                           D.  None of these


54.  Prayer can be hindered by:


            A.  Sin                                                                          B.  Not asking according to God's


            C.  Unbelief                                                                  D.  All of these


55.  Fasting is:


            A.  Going without food                                     B.  Spiritually ineffective

            C.  Unscriptural                                                            D.  Not dealt with in Scripture


56.  The main purpose of fasting is:


            A.  To change you                                                        B.  To change God

            C.  To change your circumstances                                 D.  All of these


57.  The source of the word of power is:


            A.  Man                                                                       B.  God

            C.  Your church creed                                      D.  Positive confession


58.  The "rhema" Word of God is:


            A.  The total utterance of God                           B.  A specific word of God

            C.  Both of these                                                          D.  Neither of these


59.  The "logos" Word of God is:


            A.  The total utterance of God                           B.  A specific word of God

            C.  Both of these                                                          D.  Neither of these


60.  Jesus met the challenges of Satan by:


            A.  His rabbinical training                                              B.  Positive confession

C.  The rhema Word of God                                         D.  None of these




61.  God has established the following structures of authority in the Church:


            A.  Pastors and teachers                                               B.  Evangelists

            C.  Apostles                                                                 D.  All of these


62.  The head of the home is:


            A.  The husband                                                           B.  The wife

            C.  Parents                                                                   D.  None of these


63.  A Biblical reference which explains the relationship of believers to government

authorities is:


            A.  John 3:16                                                                B.  Romans 3:23

            C.  Romans 13:1-4                                                       D.  Romans 6:3


64.  A present purpose of resurrection power in the life of the believer is:


            A.  New hope                                                  B.  Purpose

            C.  New life                                                                  D.  All of these


65.  The source of all sin and suffering is:


            A.  God                                                                        B.  Man

            C.  Satan                                                                      D.  Circumstances


66.  Suffering may come into your life through:


            A.  Circumstances of life                                               B.  Your ministry

            C.  Your own sin                                                          D.  All of these


67.  A purpose of suffering in the life of a believer is to:


            A.  Develop spiritual qualities                            B.  Manifest the works of God

            C.  Test your faith                                                         D.  All of these


68.  The purpose of the Church as it relates to spiritual power is to:


            A.  Control it                                                                B.  Discuss it

            C.  Demonstrate it                                                        D.  Explain it





69.   A Scriptural reference  which  confirms the sovereignty of God in situations for which  man cannot find answers is:


            A.  Matthew 20:25-28                                      B.  I Peter 4:7-ll

            C.  Deuteronomy 29:29                                                D.  Galatians 5:22-23


70.  Spiritual power failure results from:


            A.  Sin                                                                          B.  Unbelief

            C.  Bondage                                                                 D.  All of these


71.  The source behind all opposition to true spiritual power is:


            A.  Satan                                                                      B.  Denominations

            C.  The Church                                                 D.  The government


Matching:  Match each type of faith in List One with the correct definition in List Two:


                        List One                                              List Two



72.  Saving faith                                    A.  Enables you to live holy life


73.  Sanctifying faith                  B.  Special ability to believe God for the impossible


74.  Defensive faith                               C.  Brings peace with God through repentance 


75.  The gift of faith                               D.  A weapon for spiritual warfare



True Or False?  Mark your answer under either T or F on the answer sheet:


76.  There is no relationship between responsibility and authority.


77.  We need more political influence if we are to reach the world with the Gospel.


78.  The day of miracles is past.  We no longer need the manifestations of power experienced by the disciples.


79.  The enemies of Jesus had greater power than He did because they were able to kill Him.


80.  According to the Bible, there are  various levels of faith.


81.  There is nothing you can do to increase spiritual power. 


82.  There is no relationship between faith and works.


83.  Your spiritual power is delegated.


84.  Jesus' name is necessary for salvation.


85.  When you pray for healing for sicknesses, it should be in the name of Jesus.


86.  You are to give thanks in everything.


87.  The Holy Spirit was given in the name of Jesus.


88.  Protection in the name of Jesus means you will never have to suffer for Him.


89.  You can reign in this life in the name of Jesus.


90.  You can ask for anything...no restrictions...in the name of Jesus, and you will receive it!


91.  Your own words have no effect on your spiritual power.


92.  You must be under authority in order to exercise authority.


93.  When you rebel against authorities, you are really rebelling against God.


94.  Resurrection power can only be experienced by the believer in the future when he is raised from the dead.


95.  Satan has his own church, doctrine, and ministers.


96.  Satan does not have supernatural power.

97.  If you claim the name of Jesus you will never suffer.

98.  When you are really anointed by God's power you will be loved by everyone.


Personal True Or False:  Mark the following personal responses either true or false:

99.  I completed reading the text for this course..

100. I completed the self-tests at the end of each chapter.