Spiritual Strategies:

A Manual Of Spiritual Warfare





Multiple Choice:  Select the correct answer and mark it on your answer sheet:


1.   The two divisions made in I Corinthians 15:44-49 are:


            A.  Milk and meat                                             B.  Good and evil

            C.  Satan and demons                           D.  Natural and spiritual


2.   The two invisible kingdoms in the world today are:


            A.  Communists and capitalists              B.  Protestants and Catholics

            C.  Kingdoms of God and Satan                       D.  None of the above


3.   The word "kingdom" means:


            A.  A state                                                        B.  A territory over which

                                                                                    a king reigns


            C.  A group                                                      D.  A political party


4.  "Spiritual warfare" is:


            A.  A vain imagination                           B.  A supernatural battle

            C.  A natural battle                                           D.  A social condition


5.  The spiritual battle was originally started:


            A.  On earth                                                     B.  By God

            C.  In Heaven                                       D.  All of these







6.   The basic reason behind great spiritual conflict is:


A.  Unknown                                                    B.  Man

            C.  God                                                            D.  Sin


7.   The basic principle for understanding spiritual warfare is:


            A.  Natural battles of life have               B.  All problems are from God

            spiritual causes


            C.  All problems originate with man       D.  All problems are from Satan


8.   "Repentance" is:


            A.  An inward decision                         B.  Turning towards God

            C.  A change of mind                            D.  All of these


9.   Repentance is important:


            A.  Because God commands it              B.  In order to escape purgatory


            C.  Because church membership                       D.  All of these

            requires it


10.  "Conversion" is:


            A.  The same as repentance                  B.  To turn from the wrong way

                                                                                    to the right way


            C.  The same as self-improvement                     D.  All of these 


11.  "Justification" means:


            A.  An inward decision                         B.  Self-improvement

            C.  Right standing before God               D.  All of these


12.  "To be saved" means:


            A.  The same as self-improvement         B.  To be delivered from problems

            C.  To be delivered from a life in sin      D.  All of these




13.  The special  function of God in the realm of spiritual warfare is:


            A.  Commander of the spiritual              B.  Intercession for believers 

            forces of good


            C.  Guiding the warfare by revelation     D.  None of these


14.  The function of Jesus Christ in spiritual warfare is:


            A.  Commander of the spiritual              B.  Intercession for believers 

            forces of good


            C.  Guiding the warfare by revelation     D.  None of these


15.  The function of the Holy Spirit in spiritual warfare is:


            A.  Commander of the spiritual              B.  Intercession for believers 

            forces of good


            C.  Guiding the warfare by revelation     D.  None of these


16.  The name of God to use when entering into spiritual warfare is:


            A.  The Lord of hosts                           B.  The Lord provides

            C.  The Lord my sanctifier                                D.  The Lord my healer


17.  The realms in which good angels minister are:


            A.  Heaven and earth                            B.  Heaven and Hell

            C.  Earth and purgatory                                    D.  All of these


18.  An attribute of angels is that they are:


            A.  Mortal                                                        B.  Powerful

            C.  Male                                                           D.  Female


19.  Angels are:


            A.  Ministering spirits                            B.  Messengers

            C.  Both of these                                              D.  Neither of these




20.  Lucifer, now known as Satan, was created by:


            A.  Demonic forces                                           B.  Evolution

            C.  God                                                            D.  The false prophet 


21.  Satan's former position was:


            A.  A demon                                                    B.  Part of the Trinity

C.  Unknown                                                    D.  An angel of God    


22.  Satan's fall was caused by:


            A.  Sin                                                              B.  God

            C.  Man                                                           D.  The world


23.  Satan's sphere of activity is in:


            A.  Heaven only                                                B.   Hell only

            C.  Earth                                                          D.   Hades


24.  An activity of Satan is:


            A.  Deceit                                                         B.  Discouragement

C.  Deception                                                   D.  All of these


25.  Demons originated:


            A.  When Satan fell                                           B.  Through evolution

            C.  When Satan created them               D.  When man sinned


26.  The sphere of activity of demons is:


            A.  Heaven                                                       B.  Purgatory

            C.  Earth                                                          D.  All of these


27.  An activity of demons includes:


            A.  Deception                                       B.  False doctrines

            C.  Wickedness                                                D.  All of these





28.  An attribute of demons includes:


            A.  Supernatural strength                                   B.  Omnipresence

            C.  Omnipotence                                              D.  All of these


29.  Originally demons were:


            A.  Men                                                           B.  Part of the Trinity

            C.  Angels of Satan                                           D.  Angels of God


30.  The word  "flesh" as it is used in  this course means:


            A.  The basic sin nature                         B.  Willful defiance against God

            C.  Compulsive inner force                                D.  All of these


31.  The word "world" as it is used in this course means:


            A.  The planet                                       B.  The same as "flesh"


C.  The present condition of human                   D.  Geographic boundaries

            affairs in opposition to God


32.  The "prince of this world" is:


            A.  Satan                                                          B.  Jesus

            C.  God                                                            D.  The Holy Spirit


33.  The reason for the sinful condition of the current world system is:


            A.  Poverty                                                       B.  Sin

            C.  Lack of education                           D.  Lack of natural resources


34.  The attitude of the world toward believers is one of:


            A.  Hatred                                                        B.  Acceptance

            C.  Love                                                           D.  Appreciation


35.  "Lust" means:


            A.  Strong evil desires                           B.  Strong good desires

            C.  Hope                                                          D.  The same as love



36.  Lust may be fostered by:


            A.  Sight and smell                                            B.  Touch and taste

            C.  Hearing                                                       D.  All of these


37.  If you do not control lust it results in:


            A.  Evil thoughts                                               B.  Temptation

            C.  Sin                                                              D.  All of these


38.  The works of the flesh are described in:


            A.  Ephesians 5:1-3                                          B.  Galatians 5:19-21

            C.  Romans 1:3-6                                             D.  I Corinthians 3:2-6 


39.  The strategy of the enemy in relation to God is:


            A.  To oppose activities of God                        B.  To oppose the nature of God

            C.  To become like God                                   D.  All of these


40.  The strategy of the enemy in relation to nations is to:


            A.  Deceive the nations                         B.  Ignore the nations 

            C.  Accuse the nations                          D.  All of these


41.  The strategy of the enemy in relation to believers is to attack:


            A.  The Word of God                           B.  Their worship

            C.  Their walk and work for God                      D.  All of these 


42.  Defensive warfare:


            A.  Responds to protect territory                       B.  Initiates aggressive action

            C.  Both of these                                              D.  Neither of these


43.  Offensive warfare:


            A.  Responds to protect territory                       B.  Initiates aggressive action

            C.  Both of these                                              D.  Neither of these





44.  According to the Scriptures, you should pray for:


A.  Laborers for the harvest                              B.  Peace in Jerusalem

            C.  Leaders                                                      D.  All of these


45.  A hindrance to answered prayer is:


            A.  Unbelief                                                      B.  Satanic hindrances

            C.  Unforgiveness                                             D.  All of these


46.  A purpose of fasting is to:


            A.  Humble yourself                              B.  Break bondages

            C.  Repent                                                        D.  All of these


47.  "Devices" means:


            A.  A scheme                                                   B.  A plan

            C.  A plot                                                         D.  All of these


48.  New age teachings are:


            A.  Unscriptural                                                B.   Scriptural

            C.  Not very common                           D.   Unknown


49.  Transference of spirits means:


            A.  Demons are sharing spirits               B.  You put a curse on someone


            C.  To come under the influence of        D.  You are involved in Satan

            another stronger spirit                           worship


Matching:  Identify the following as either a spiritual force of good or a spiritual force of evil:


            A.  A spiritual force of good.                         B.  A spiritual force of evil.


50.  Good angels                                 

51.  Bad angels                        

52.  Demons                                        

53.  Satan                                            

54.  God

55.  All unbelievers

56.  Jesus

57.  The Holy Spirit

58.  All born again believers



Matching:  Match the attributes of the Triune God in List One with the correct definitions in List Two:


            List One                                              List Two


59.  Eternal                                           A.  No beginning or end      

60.  Sovereign                          B.  Present everywhere

61.  Omnipresent                                  C.  Sinless

62.  Holy                                              D.  Highest, supreme power



Matching:  Match the attributes of the Triune God in List One with the correct definitions in List Two:


            List One                                              List Two


63.  Infinite                                           A.  Does not change

64.  Unchanging                                    B.  Good and kind

65.  Benevolent                                    C.  Without flesh and blood

66.  A spirit                                          D.  Not subject to natural limitations



Matching:  Match the attributes of the Triune God in List One with the correct definitions in List Two:


            List One                                              List Two


67.  Omniscient                                    A.  All powerful

68.  Omnipotent                                   B.  Fair and impartial in judgment

69.  Just                                               C.  Shows mercy to sinful mankind

70.  Merciful                                         D.  Knows all things








Matching:  Match the type of warfare in List One with the correction definition in List Two:


            List One                                              List Two


71.  Frontal attack                                A.  Invades an area

72.  Siege or blockade              B.  Controlling access to an area

73.  Invasion and occupation     C.  Direct assaults


Matching:  Match each category of angels to the correct definition:


            A.  Messengers          B.  Elect angels          C.  Cherubim  D. Seraphim


74.  Only one reference is made to this group of angels (I Timothy 5:21).

75.  This group of angels is most active in terms of spiritual warfare.

76.  This group of angels appear to be the highest order of angels.

77.  Their position is above the throne of God.  They lead Heaven in worship of God.


Matching:  Match each demonic rank to the correct definition:


78.  Principalities                                                          A.  Rule territories


79.  Powers and rulers of darkness                   B.  At work in social, political, and

                                                                                    cultural systems


80.  Spiritual wickedness in high places             C.  Religious structures


True Or False:  Mark your answer under either T or F on the answer sheet:


81.  You are not to worship angels.


82.  If an angel reveals something contrary to God's written Word you should believe it.


83.  God has an organizational plan for his angels.


84.  Satan's angels are not organized.


85.  If you ignore Satan he will leave you alone.


86.  You can be neutral in spiritual warfare.


87.  All angels were originally created by God.


88.  Satan is omniscient.

89.  Satan is omnipotent.


90.  There is a time not to pray, when God requires action.


91.  Jesus has defeated Satan but the enemy is still "at large" in the world.


92.  You can recover yourself from the snare of the enemy.


93.  You should never "try " the spirits because that would be judging which is wrong.


94.  Once you are a believer you will not experience tribulation in the world. 


95.  Victory over financial attacks can be gained by using scriptural principles.


96.  The condition of the present world is good and getting better.


97.  You do not have power over all the power of the enemy.


98.  Spiritual armor is not specifically identified in Scripture.


Personal True Or False:  Mark the following personal responses either true or false:


99.  I completed reading the text for this course..


100. I completed the self-tests at the end of each chapter.