Strategies For Spiritual Harvest





Matching:  Read each statement, identify the person described, and mark it on your answer sheet:


            A.  Paul                        B.  Gehazi                    C.  Abraham                D.  God           


1.  "I tried to bring forth my vision through Ishmael."

2.  "I was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision."

3.  "There are armies around us...What shall we do?"

4.  "Shall I bring to the birth and not cause to bring forth?"


Matching:  Match the word with the proper definition and mark it on your answer sheet:


            A.  Conception B.  Development           C.  Travail        D.  Transition


5.  The time during which the vision grows within you spiritually.


6.  The most difficult time right before the birth when you must cease natural self-effort and let God bring forth the vision.


7.  The beginning of the vision in your spirit as it is planted by God.


8.  A time of spiritual birth pangs involving physical, mental, and spiritual labor.


Multiple Choice:  Select the correct answer and mark it on your answer sheet:


9.   Spiritual vision is:


A.  Seeing the natural world                  B.  Not really important


C.  Seeing beyond the natural                D.  Unscriptural

into the spiritual world





10.  A "natural parallel of a spiritual truth" means:


            A.  Truth is relative                               B.  God uses a natural example to explain

                                                                        spiritual truth    


            C.  Natural truths are more       D.  All of the above

            important than spiritual ones


11.  The natural example  Jesus  used  to  give  His  disciples  a spiritual vision was the example of the:


            A.  Empty tomb                                    B.  Last supper

            C.  Harvest                                           D.  Bread and wine


12.  In the example of the harvest the field is the:


            A.  Workers                                         B.  World

            C.  Angels                                            D.  None of these


13.  Jesus chose the natural example of the harvest to give His followers a spiritual vision because:


            A.  Natural principles of                        B.  They understood about natural harvests

            of harvest could be                               because the economy was based on agriculture

            applied spiritually         


            C.  The disciples understood     D.  All of these answers are correct

            the urgency of the example

            of the natural harvest


14.  The estimated number of people in the world  who are yet to be reached with the Gospel is:


            A.  3 million                                          B.  3 billion

            C.  100 million                          D.  None of the answers are correct






15.  The approximate number of language groups which still do not have the Bible translated in their language is:


A.  About 2,000 languages                   B.  About 500 languages

            C.  About 70,000 languages     D.  None:  The Bible is now in all languages


16.  To "see the world through the eyes of God" means:


            A.  To see the world as             B.  To use mental telepathy

            God sees it


            C.  You become as God                       D.  All of the above     


17.  The mediator between God and man is:


            A.  Your pastor                                    B.  Your priest

            C.  Jesus Christ                                    D.  None of the above


18.  The cause of the gap between man and God which requires the mediator is:


            A.  Sin                                                  B.  Distance between earth and heaven

            C.  Death                                             D.  Evil angels


19.  To be a  "World Christian" means:


            A.  You are worldly                              B.  You love the world


            C.  You make each day                        D.  You are lost

            your life count for the

            global cause of Christ


20.  The two principles of the spiritual foundation based on Jesus Christ are:


            A.  Redeemed men living                      B.  Mother Mary and Saint Peter

            redeemed lives


            C.  Redeemed men living                      D.  Church attendance and baptism

            unredeemed lives 







21.  "Strategies" means:


            A.  Scheming to get what                      B.  Dreams and visions

you want


            C.  A list of things to do                        D.  Principles, methods, or plans

            when you have time                  to follow in order to reach

                                                                        a certain goal


22.  Which of the following conditions are spiritual parallels of factors necessary for spiritual growth?


            A.  Life and water                                             B.  Soil and air

            C.  Rest and root system                                   D.  All of these are necessary


23.  What Scripture reveals God's method of multiplication?


            A.  John 3:16                                                    B.  Genesis 1:1

            C.  John 14:1                                                    D.  II Timothy 2:2


24.  According to the Bible, it is most important to teach what we learn to:


A.  Educated men                                             B.  Rich people who can finance


            C.  Talented men                                              D.  Faithful men


25.  The main tool of spiritual harvest is:


A.  Education                                                   B.  Seminary training

            C.  Experience                                      D.  Power


26.  The three spiritual yokes of bondage discussed in this course are:


            A.  Alcohol, drugs, sex                         B.  Sin, self, man

            C.  Money, habits, lust                          D.  Gambling, cursing, gossiping


27.  To possess God's promise of power you must:


            A.  Know it is for today                                    B.  Understand the source

C.  Accept the authority                                    D.  All of these are necessary   




28.  The yoke of God is:


A.  Not really understood                                 B.  Heavy

C.  Only for some people                                  D.  Easy, light, restful


29.  The divine purpose of God is:


A.  Not really known                                        B.  Very difficult to understand

C.  To bring all things                                        D.  Not really important for us to know

            into Jesus Christ


30.  To bridge the gap between the yoke of bondage and the yoke of God you must:


            A.  Come unto Him                                          B. Take His yoke on you

            C.  Learn of Him                                              D.  All of these


31.  If you break the spiritual yoke of bondage in your life, Isaiah 58 indicates that you will:


            A.  Know the voice of God                               B.  Be guided by God

            C.  Fulfill your vision                             D.  All of these


32.  Your spiritual harvest can be hindered by:


            A.  Discord                                                      B.  Strife

            C.  Iniquity                                                       D.  All of these



True Or False:  Mark your answer under either T or F on the answer sheet:


33.  Closed countries cannot be reached with the Gospel message.


34.  God has not revealed His divine purpose to man.


35.  The main enemies to the spread of the Gospel are political powers.


36.  Jesus said there would be a lack of harvesters in the spiritual harvest fields of the world.


37.  God's purpose is to unify all things in Jesus Christ.


38.  In the Old Testament record, God used Israel as a witness to the nations of the world.


39.  In the New Testament the Church is the body of people through which God desires to extend the Gospel to the world.


40.  Deuteronomy 28 does not illustrate the "If/But" principle of God's promises.


41.  Satan has no interest in spiritual harvest.


42.  Self-effort is important in reaping spiritual harvest.


43.  You should carefully observe the circumstances before you  sow spiritually.


44.  Doing good works is not enough to bring forth spiritual harvest.


45.  Your problem is not really with bad circumstances but with  the spiritual powers behind these circumstances.  


46.  A right work offered with unholy hands is not acceptable.


47.  If you sow wicked things, you can still reap a good harvest because God is good.


48.  If your spiritual harvest is poor, there is no way you can change it.


49.  If your spiritual harvest is poor, it is usually not your fault.


50.  Not every plant in the natural and/or spiritual worlds are capable of reproduction.


51.  You can harvest in the same season in which you sow.


Personal True Or False:  Mark the following personal responses either true or false:

52.  I completed reading the text for this course.

53.  I completed the self-tests at the end of each chapter.